Nest Thermostat

Our June electric bill was half what it was last year. I couldn’t believe it. I asked the AC Tech what his thoughts were on the Nest and he didnt seem too impressed. Said there were cheaper models that do the same things, just don’t look as trendy. I don’t personally know anybody with one but my wife is about to quit her job to stay home with the kids and her salary dwarfs mine. We will definitely be looking for ways to save money. I’ve heard similar stories from a few friends of friends that are in the industry. When pressed they also said that part of the reason they think the industry in general doesn’t like it is because it skirts them…the fact that is intended to be self installed and easy to use hurts their business. What i know for sure is that so far I love it, it is saving me money, and two folks I know who have an ecobee and a honeywell don’t like theirs near as much and dont think theirs are really saving them any money. No matter which brand you get, I fully subscribe to the idea that these new “smart” thermostats can really save you $$ if its the kind that can sense when you are away as that seems to be the biggest saver, at least in my household. Last edited 7/9/20134:48PM by AlumInSoCal Posted: 7/9/20134:44PM RE: Nest Thermostat Don’t mean to step on SoCal’s thread, but the following seems to be very related. The San Antonio electric company, CPS Energy, is pushing the new technology with a free programmable energy system, including the thermostat, which controls all of your appliances, including water heater. It uses a new smart electric meter outside, a programmable thermostat, and devices attached to your appliances so that the system can talk to all of the units.
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