Garage door that doesn’t close may be a sensor issue

If you do decide to invest in a new garage door opener, I highly recommend one that connects to the Internet and allows you to control the door remotely. I installed one of these at my home several months ago and love the convenience. My opener not only has this Internet remote control capability, but it also sports an internal battery that powers the opener in case of a power outage. I live where we do get occasional ice storms, so it’s nice to be able to count on the opener working in bad weather. The software that operates the garage door opener from my computer, tablet and smartphone was easy to activate. It only took minutes to install. If you have multiple garage doors at your home, you’ll be able to name each door and control them separately. SIDEBAR The software application that operates the garage door opener clearly shows you if your door is open or closed. When you touch the screen to tell it to open or close, the graphics change so you can see the door moving. When you tell the door to close using the software, the door opener is really smart. In the garage, the lights on the opener start to blink and you hear a warnnig beep for 10 seconds. This tells anyone in the garage the opener is about to move. At the end of the 10 seconds, the door magically closes. Once it is closed, you see a closed door graphic image on your phone or computer screen. My guess is that within 10 years, the garage door openers will be equipped with tiny cameras that let you see in and around the garage before you operate the door remotely.
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