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Generally I explained it. We are about the pc and click on anything to try to open it up as well as the time glass appears plus the mouse button just will not apparently would like to interact. . The mouse station about the notebook computer. I even attempted this having an outside mouse button and exactly the same thing. It is just a Samsung Vaio. . Onslaught 3 times ancient. Any in the home options. Nicely, We have your solution here. This is apparently something to do with the Computer itself. 1. You could first want to carry out a process reestablish using only the keyboard hook and enter into important, from safe and sound mode, to the particular date if your unit was functioning okay.

2. If problem is still there, re-install the Operating system look (Minimizes any application linked matter) 3. Last but not least, attempt a hard disk check in bios > Hard drive can be defective and may even need to have alternative

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